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About Xolo Events

At Xolo Events, we understand the power of bringing people together. Our team of experienced professionals creates and manages meetings, events, and conferences that help businesses and professionals in specialist markets and subject categories learn and grow.


Our focus is on building strong positions in these areas, and we achieve this by providing expert knowledge, relevant connections, and targeted access to stakeholders.

We organize world-class events around key topics in different industries, engaging global communities and offering must-attend opportunities for effective networking and partnering. Our events provide the latest developments in each area, and give businesses and professionals the chance to learn more about their customers, peers, and competition. By attending our events, attendees can make connections and take decisions that allow them to grow, progress, succeed and do more.

At Xolo Events, we're committed to changing the world for the better through our matchmaking events. These events are unique direct marketing and sales channels that give attendees the chance to meet, engage, and network with high-profile decision-makers. By attending our events, businesses and professionals can access valuable opportunities to expand their reach and drive growth.

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