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Evolution HR L&D Conference November 2021 

03-04 June 2021







03-04 June 2021

Day One:

Creating a superb business-focused onboarding experience

Successful onboarding is a wise and pragmatic decision, especially at a time when skills shortages are developing and recruitment expenses are still high. Effective induction allows your organization to get the most out of its employees as quickly as possible, while also assisting coworkers in getting the most out of themselves. Find out how to start as you mean to go on and get people off on the right foot from the start in this practical workshop packed with keys to success and obstacles to avoid.

Day Two:

Brilliant implementations are an artwork:

Implementing a learning programme of any kind is no easy task, but there is one constant aspect that determines success or failure at every stage: people. On this panel, seasoned professionals who have been there and done it discuss how to engage with those individuals to ensure the rollout's success. They'll look at persuading the business to allocate funds in the first place, collaborating with managers on content creation, and piloting and testing technologies in various situations.


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